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How long will it take for my digital files to be processed?

Several factors can contribute to this, and unlimited copy services will create a customized plan and timetable that can be put in place based on your needs.

In what format are the files saved?

PDF, or PDF Searchable Text, JPEG, TIFF and many other formats are available. Depending on the format, additional fees may apply if additional conversion time is required to complete the project. These files are stored for you in the cloud, as well as on any internal systems you choose to host them on. We can also provide external USB drive storage or hard drive.

Do you offer digital or “cloud” storage?

Yes, we offer post-scan digital storage for customers who do not have the ability to store them themselves, or for clients who want a secure option to store documents at their convenience. This service can also be implemented for those who just want one place to store their daily, weekly or monthly backups. We will find the right service and solution for you.

Do you break documents?

Yes, we can provide this as part of our document scanning service. In fact, we can have a shredder truck come to your location and shred it safely and securely in the parking lot while you work. After cutting your record you will receive a certificate of destruction. If we are scanning and storing your documents at our facility, we may also provide shredding as part of the total service package.

Our system crashed and we lost our files – now what?

Our standard policy is to keep one backup copy of your files for five years. Your application period may be longer. Your information is kept in a secure environment for your safety.

Are you able to process My Documents in MS-WORD?

Yes, please give this request to us before scanning, so that we can adjust the scanning resolution accordingly to accommodate the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. The quality of the resulting Microsoft Word document depends on the scanning resolution and quality of the original paper document and not all documents can be effectively converted. It is best to call for a consultation.


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Unlimited Copy Services is one of the most dedicated companies in the United State of America or USA that provide one of the best document binding, and document printing services. Document binding is one of the keys as it is as important as breathing. Suppose you have papers, you have written an article when you need these things urgently you might not get these papers in time.

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