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What is the large format document scanning

Advanced Microsystems understands how scanned images can be used in CAD, GIS and EDMS systems and the importance of capturing information in such a way that we can easily manage electronic documents.

Skilled technicians insure capturing and indexing descriptive information and modification dates from the original title block or from the surface of drawings, maps and blueprints. This data will enable us to catalog the newly scanned information.

This process works with your team to make large format documents easily accessible to ensure that information retrieval is quick and efficient.

large format document scanning
Our large format document scanning services support document scanning on virtually any type of paper:engineering projects
construction projects
building plan
blue print
the posters
any large document
document scanning format
We can prepare your digital records in several formats:

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is the driving force behind our success and industry experience behind the large format record conversion specialty. Client records are reviewed several times before data is submitted and stored. Some quality control procedures are described below.
Removal of all staples and fasteners, embossing protruding seals, repairing torn or damaged edges, rearranging documents, checking back edges for additional information, identification of fragile and outdated documents, color or grayscale requirements. Preparing to add an identity.

Quality Control and Assurance is used to identify the need for special image enhancement or threshold settings or unusual or off-color projects. We often improve the original clarity of difficult scans through the use of inversion and manual alignment experience.
Single and dual indexing based on client system requirements.

Image and index quality reviews for each individual large format by an independent and experienced review technician.

Benefits of Blueprint Scanning and Imaging Services
Document retention – It is often necessary to maintain blueprints so that documentation can be reviewed and referenced throughout the life of the project.

By using our Blueprint Scanning and print services, you can be assured that the plans will remain in good condition, and have the capacity to store hundreds or thousands of images at the cloud or server level.

Capturing and digitizing allows projects to be shared electronically, giving your entire team instant access. Not only will this speed up your project, but you can also eliminate the risk of projects getting lost or damaged.

Accuracy – Advanced Microsystems uses the most advanced scanning technologies available, ensuring that every detail within your drawing is clearly visible in the full scan.

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Unlimited Copy Services is one of the most dedicated companies in the United State of America or USA that provide one of the best document binding, and document printing services. Document binding is one of the keys as it is as important as breathing. Suppose you have papers, you have written an article when you need these things urgently you might not get these papers in time.

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